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How to Evaluate the Cylinder?

How to evaluate the cylinder? Learn from liners and sleeves suppliers

In this article, cylinder sleeves and liner suppliers will discuss about cylinder bore and its visual inspection. 


The cylinder bore is used for many purposes. It guides the piston inside the cylinder and helps to seal the combustion chamber, and assists in engine cooling process by evacuating heat via either a radiator or fins installed on its exterior. 

The process for inspecting the cylinder bore is not different and it includes similar steps involved in the crankshaft inspection. You must visually inspect the cylinder bore and take several measurements to ensure that it remains within service manual specifications. It is important to recondition the bore before reassembling the engine to ensure that the piston rings seal properly.

Visual inspection of cylinder bore


You must note down the composition of the cylinder bore. When you do it, you will find that your cylinder bore has a chrome plated inner surface. An aluminium cylinder bore has more wear and tear due to softness of the metal aluminium. If the piston rings made of steel contact aluminium cylinder walls directly, bore will rather get wear instead of harder rings. You can use chrome plating to lower the wear rate. 

Cylinder bore with chrome plating is shinier. It is not possible to recondition excessive worn chrome bore. When you find your chrome plated bore is worn and damaged, you must replace your entire cylinder block. 

You can use cast iron sleeve or liner to prevent wear in an aluminium cylinder bore. The hole in the cylinder is made to a larger size than required. Later, a sleeve is inserted to the block. The inner diameter of this injected sleeve serves as the bore. The steel piston rings are in contact with the CI sleeve and not with aluminium engine block. This lowers the wear in the cylinder. 

Look for complete integrity- Make sure you check the cylinder bore properly for damage signs. The bore should appear free of cracks, smooth, and score marks. If the cylinder bore is scored, you will be unable to seal the combustion chamber properly with piston rings and this will result in a power reduction when the engine is in operation mode. 

The major cause of score marks is insufficient lubrication. You must coat all the walls of cylinder with a layer of oil to make the piston and rings slide along freely. There are several four stroke engines in which oil is carried evenly over internal parts with the help of an oil slinger. The oil slinger helps throws oil from the crankcase on the walls of cylinder. If the cylinder bore remains dry when you are operating the engine, friction between the bore and piston may score the cylinder wall and the piston skirt. 


In this way, you can evaluate the cylinder bore by making visual inspection like professionals. If you have queries related to cylinder sleeves and liners, make comments on this post. 

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