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How Cylinder Liner Indian Manufacturers Inspect Piston Pin?

The size of the two stroke diesel engine is large and thus, it is not feasible for manufacturers of cylinder liner India to machine liner to an exact finish. This is why they use distinct approach, by which plateau honing lets an accommodation to occur between piston ring and cylinder liner. Moreover, they coat hard coating of the piston rings.

Since the surface of cylinder liner is not smooth, plateau honing process is done after machining, which leaves a pattern of valleys with flat plateau hills. The graphite porosities that are intrinsic to the material presenting the distribution of cavities evenly. The both features perform as oil reservoirs and pathways and ensure hydrodynamic lubrication. In few cases, stable and minimal wear of the piston ring and liner can widespread in a short span with severe accelerated wear and elevated component temperature as the outcome.

When the checks are done afterwards, the cylinder liner surface is completely smooth and devoid of the original features. This event of increased wear is known as scuffing and is thought to be provoked by insufficient lubrication. If there is a case of oil, major events can lead to scuffing-

  • Lack of hydrodynamic lubrication results in micro welding and smoothing of the surface by surface layer plastic deformation and deposition of oxides.
  • After time, the oil reservoirs are closed off and major hardness have been fixed, which result in a large contact area between cylinder liner and piston ring.
  • In critical situation, the available amount of oil drops to a point where the smooth surfaces avail metallic contact and cause severe wear due to adhesion.

Since scuffing is linked to lack of lubrication, the manufacturers perform the tests under dry conditions in order to gauge the scuffing resistance. They carry out step loaded tests and constant loaded tests to establish a relation between scuffing resistance and intrinsic material properties. They also formulate a quick and easy test method that can find out the scuffing resistance of a provided combination of piston ring and cylinder liner.

For more details about inspecting piston rings of cylinder liners, you may contact manufacturers. Exporters of Cylinder Liners India are also providing related information to their customers. You can find one and ask their experts. Liner Sleeves is one of such manufacturing units run by qualified professionals. You can contact them directly to know more about services.

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