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Engine Cylinder Liner Manufacturing Company Analyzing Their Products

A cylinder liner is a component installed in an engine block. Cylinder liner manufacturing company tests its products to avail the best results. Since cylinder liner or sleeve is a critical part that offers a wear protective surface for piston and piston rings. The barrel or bore inside which piston movement occurs may be an integral part of the cylinder block or may be a unique liner.

Manufacturers use it in gasoline engines. Besides so many advantages, cylinder liner has a limitation as well- the component is irreplaceable. When the wear amount is more in a cylinder block, it is responsibility of manufacturers to re-bore hone the block. Another limitation is the inconvenience in removing the cylinder block from a ship for cylinder reconditioning.

Though this type of reconditioning cannot be repeated and, in time, the entire block needs to be replaced. Due to these limitations, diesel engines are intended with easy-to-replace cylinder liners. Manufacturing companies use the premium materials for designer liner to make them resistance against heat and pressure developed inside the combustion space at the cylinder top. They usually consider close-grained cast iron material for liner construction.

Manufacturers coat some liners with porous chromium as it has greater wear-resistant features as compared to other materials. The pores present in the plating helps in retaining the lubricating oil and maintain the oil film that is required for lowering the friction and wear.

The cylinder liner develops a sliding surface for the piston rings without losing the lubricant. Some critical functions of cylinder liners are as under-

  • High anti-galling properties
  • Less wear on the partner piston ring
  • Less consumption of lubricant
  • Less wear on the cylinder liner surface

Another function of cylinder liner is heat transfer. The component receives combustion heat via piston and piston rings and conveys the heat to the coolant.

Cylinder liner also prevents the combustion gas and compressed gas from leakage. Manufacturers analyze the liner materials to determine the best material for liner. The material should have a great durability feature and resistance against corrosion and wear. They analyze gray cast iron, aluminium alloy, and titanium alloy.

For more details on analyzing of cylinder liners materials, you can anytime get in touch with the cylinder liner manufacturing company and mail the experts. Do mention your requirements so that they will explain the things in best manner. Feedback for this post is open, you can make comments below.

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